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MAP 1 – Precision Foot Measurement

The customer required a device for measuring the flexibility of the first metatarsal of a patient’s foot. Current commercial devices are imprecise, producing various results depending on the user.


The customer required development of a novel rod reducer. While typical rod reducers utilize a pistol-grip ratcheting mechanism, this device promised improved handling and visibility while delivering the required forces to properly seat the rod and facilitate final installation of the locking cap.


JAKTOOL was tasked to prototype an improved cervical plate inserter to compliment a re-release of a popular instrument set. The original device did not accommodate all implant sizes and feedback suggested the need for ergonomic adjustments. The new design addressed these goals and was well received by the surgeon design panel.

Mirrored Motion Stroke Rehabilitation System

A leading hospital medical research team required a development partner to design and manufacture a series of stroke rehabilitation devices based on Bimanual Training, an innovative concept that helps retrain the brain and restore function to the affected side of the body following a stroke.

ACL Measurement Device

A leading research hospital required a new way to measure pre- and post-operative knee compliance within the scope of a fixed research grant. The system was designed to give the operator a good feel for the weight applied to the patient, while giving the patient the ability to rapidly release themselves from the device in the event of discomfort.

Minimally Invasive Retractor

A pioneering thoracic surgeon was developing a minimally invasive open-heart surgery procedure which would drastically reduce postoperative pain and recuperation time by reducing the incision from a full sternal opening to 3 to 4 inches.