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Jeff Kinsberg


Company Founder/Owner

We believe that no challenge is too big. The bigger it is, the more passionate we are about finding the solution.

  • In realizing his vision for JAKTOOL, Jeff has seen it grow from an organization comprised of “ME” into a rapidly expanding team of enthusiastic and talented engineers, who successfully managed thousands of projects across all business sectors during the past twenty years.
  • Jeff is the driving force behind the company’s high-energy dynamic team and its culture of partnership, while leading JAKTOOL’s new business development efforts.
  • As JAKTOOL’s leader, a great deal of his satisfaction comes from charting the engineering firm’s course and putting in place the building blocks for its future growth.
  • Equally gratifying for him is empowering the JAKTOOL team with the tools, resources, and inspiration to take on new and exciting projects.
  • Jeff encourages the JAKTOOL team to be confident and dedicated in their work but be humbled by the knowledge that you cannot do everything by yourself. Underscoring this thought, he refers to the quote, “When you work alone, you’ll always lose to a team.”
  • Of JAKTOOL’s six core values, “Trust 360.” strikes a chord with Jeff. “Because trust is hard earned and easily lost, it has to be nurtured by everyone each and every day.”
  • Jeff believes that what makes JAKTOOL such a great place to work is its people, the quality of their relationships, and the passion they have for creating innovative engineering solutions.
  • He gives back to the engineering community by mentoring students at regional high schools and universities as well as providing internship opportunities through JAKTOOL.
  • Jeff also serves on the Rutgers University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Executive Industrial Advisory Board.

Cristy Richards


Company Owner

One of my greatest sources of satisfaction comes from creating an environment where everyone can grow personally and professionally.

  • Following her involvement in a limited capacity with JAKTOOL for several years, Cristy began devoting her full-time efforts to JAKTOOL as its President and CEO in 2014.
  • In her executive position, Cristy sees herself as occupying JAKTOOL’s “integrator’s seat,” taking the visionary input from Jeff and translating that vision into goals the company’s team leaders and members can achieve.
  • Her extensive industry-related experience as a Development Engineering Manager and Principal Sourcing Engineer ideally positions her to lead JAKTOOL’s consumer healthcare and medical device business development efforts.
  • Cristy’s leadership style can be best described as “coach,” removing barriers that can inhibit JAKTOOL’s design and manufacturing innovation while keeping the teams clearly focused on what needs to be achieved.
  • The academic process has always been a big part of Cristy. As a Rutgers graduate student, she taught courses at the college and high school levels. Today, she continues to expand her proficiency by “digging” into new technologies and sharing her insights and knowledge with the team. That’s probably why “Learn, grow, and apply.” is the JAKTOOL core value that’s closest to her heart.
  • Cristy holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. from Rutgers University and is credited on numerous patents in the medical device industry.
  • She is the Executive Chair, Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Industry Advisory Board

Chris Gandy

Director of Business Development

Trust is a gift that cannot be bought, sold or earned. It is a present that you choose to give or take away. We are humbled by your choice and grateful for your gift.

  • Chris joined JAKTOOL in 2022 after twenty years of government service in Army Acquisition. He values selfless service and organizations that value quality over quantity. He seeks interesting projects that provide the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Chis has two decades of leading $100M+ Defense projects and supporting billion-dollar acquisitions. He understands the federal acquisition process and what it takes to develop new technology. Chris looks forward to sharing this knowledge with JAKTOOL and helping them transition new technology to meet customer needs.
  • Chris met Jeff Kinsberg in 2014 when JAKTOOL prototyped gauges for the US Army. Chris was impressed with JAKTOOL’s commitment to quality and passion for doing. Over the next eight years Chris and JAKTOOL collaborated on several projects ranging from STRYKE CHECK™ (A new way to measure firing pin indent in 5.56mm weapons) to 6.8mm prototypes for the Next Generation Squad Ammunition Program.
  • Chris values manufacturing in NJ. His grandfather was a glassblower at Wheaton Glass in Millville and his father was a carpenter at Longport Marine Company in Longport, NJ. JAKTOOL continues the legacy of made in NJ and supports the local economy at every opportunity.
  • Chris holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MS in Applied Statistics from NJIT. Chris is always looking for new opportunities to solve problems and enjoys leading Lunch and Learns to help the team to Learn, Grow, Apply.
  • In the JAKTOOL spirit of selfless service and giving back to the community Chris is a member of the Borough of Rockaway Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and volunteers his time in the local community.


Operations Manager

Design & Manufacturing

We work together as equals, treat everyone the way we’d like to be treated, and always encourage input and suggestions.

  • Ryan was JAKTOOL’s second full-time hire in 2011 and has grown with the company over the last eleven years.
  • He joined the company as a product development engineer following his college graduation.
  • As JAKTOOL grew, manufacturing and design expanded into separate service lines, and Ryan was first awarded the title of Manufacturing Engineering Manager, followed by expanded duties and the title of Engineering Manager, Production Development & Manufacturing. In November of 2021, he assumed additional responsibilities and his current title.
  • Today, Ryan leads the engineering department in the design and manufacturing of new prototype development efforts for next-generation technologies across all business sectors.
  • As a self-described “doer” and leader-by-example, Ryan’s management style is focused on nurturing unity and common purpose while helping his team members and the organization grow and achieve.
  • “Trust 360” is the JAKTOOL core value that speaks loudest to Ryan. In his view, trust is the key component of JAKTOOL’s talented team dynamic and its close working relationship with clients.
  • Ryan earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University and was awarded its Quality Manufacturing Award for Senior Design.
  • When he is not leading his JAKTOOL team, Ryan serves on the Ocean County Community College Industry Advisory Board.

Kaitlyn Neroladakis

Operations Manager

Quality & Procurement

I inspire the team by keeping them engaged in the company’s vision and reminding them that as a growing company, there are endless opportunities for career development.

  • Sparked by our close-knit working environment and the opportunity for career growth, Kaitlyn joined JAKTOOL as a quality engineer in 2017.
  • As a result of her diligent efforts and the support of a JAKTOOL sponsorship, Kaitlyn was awarded certification as a Certified Quality Engineer by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in 2019 and was promoted to a leadership position as Operations Team Lead supervising a group of employees in operational roles.
  • Promoted in 2021 to her current leadership position as Operations Manager of Quality Procurement, her current role encompasses quality, procurement, administration, and supervising operations team members.
  • Kaitlyn oversees a team that is interdependent, collaborative, and process focused. Through their strong work ethic, her team solves problems in an environment that is dynamic and positive.
  • Of the six JAKTOOL core values, “Learn, Grow, and Apply.” speaks loudest to Kaitlyn. She says that living this core value gives her “the intrinsic rewards of motivation, professional growth, and feelings of accomplishment and purpose.”
  • Kaitlyn points to the implementation of JAKTOOL’s advanced quality management software and the addition of a rotary vision inspection system as two of her team’s greatest contributions.
  • Kaitlyn earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. In 2023, she will complete her graduate studies for an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Johnson & Wales University.

Pam Varga

Finance and Human Resources Coordinator

When you have talented people who are enthusiastic about what they do and given every chance to succeed, wonderful things can happen.

  • Pam joined JAKTOOL in 2018 to administrate JAKTOOL’s bookkeeping and finance operations.
  • As a licensed CPA and experienced HR professional, Pam was well positioned in 2020 when she was awarded her current title and responsibilities as the organization’s Finance and Human Resources Coordinator.
  • In her position, she chooses to lead and communicate with a more general approach rather than in a narrow, pre-determined way. She encourages and supports the solutions of all individuals as they make their personal and professional journeys “from point A to point B.”
  • Pam acts as both mentor and guide, creating learning environments for the teams to analyze and evaluate previous experiences, better anticipate future problems, and generate innovative solutions.
  • A big believer in striking the proper work/life balance, she collaborates one-on-one with individuals to help them properly align their professional and personal goals to achieve greater fulfillment and peace of mind.
  • Pam points to “Trust 360” as her top JAKTOOL core value. She says it is important that everyone needs to know that you can trust and be trusted, and that with trust, any mistake, challenge, or problem can be overcome.