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Crafting Careers in Engineering: Lessons from Engineering Experts | JAKTALK with Jeff Kinsberg

The Foundation of Teamwork in Engineering Kinsberg and his friends began a recent episode of JAKTALK by reminiscing about their journey, which started over 25 years ago at Rutgers University through the Formula Racing (FSAE) program. This foundational experience emphasized the importance of teams, having a passion for your work, communication, and trust—qualities often overlooked […]

Breaking Silos: Cross-Disciplinary Innovation In Engineering

Understanding Innovation at JAKTOOL Innovation is a buzzword thrown around by many, but at JAKTOOL, it’s a core competency that sets us apart. Innovation involves not just creating something new but solving problems in ways that provide tangible benefits to our customers. Ben Weir, Mechanical Engineer at JAKTOOL, brings a unique perspective to innovation with […]

How a 1965 Corvette Shaped an Engineer Turned Entrepreneur | JAKTALK with Jeff Kinsberg

In the latest episode of JAKTALK, Jeff Kinsberg, chairman, founder, and COO of JAKTOOL, delves into a more personal narrative, exploring the familial influences that propelled his engineering career. Joined by his father, Barry Kinsberg, Jeff discusses the early experiences that shaped his path, providing valuable insights for aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs.   This article […]

Engineering Innovation: Navigating Change and Embracing Agility in Defense and Aerospace

The Agility of Small Organizations One of the main benefits of working with a smaller company is accountability. In large organizations, it can take multiple levels of approval to get things done, slowing down the process significantly. In contrast, smaller companies like JAKTOOL can respond quickly and are directly accountable for their deliverables. This agility […]

The Agile Power of Small Defense Contractors

In the high-stakes world of defense and aerospace, agility and innovation are not just buzzwords but essential elements for national security and technological advancement. In episode #5 of JAKTALK, our host, Jeff Kinsberg, is joined by Justin Russo, Defense Program Manager, and Chris Gandy, Director of Business Development, Defense & Aerospace. They explore the transformative […]

How We Take Ideas to Done with Our Innovate, Execute, Transfer Process

For episode #6 of JAKTALK, our host, COO, and Founder, Jeff Kinsberg, is again joined by our Program Manager, Paola Torres, to discuss our process for taking our customers’ projects from idea to done. Listen to this episode to learn more about how we take projects through our Innovate, Execute, and Transfer phases.   This […]

Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Execution for Defense & MedTech Innovators

In a recent article, innovator, creator, and entrepreneur Elon Musk was quoted saying that he has all of these innovative ideas but can’t execute them. If you’re a customer of JAKTOOL, you know that’s exactly what we specialize in: taking projects from ideas to done. If one of the greatest inventors of our time has […]