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Biomed Consulting, Inc. & JAKTOOL | Successful Partnership

We’re thrilled to be a key player in the success story of Biomed Consulting as they soar to new heights through the SBIR process! “Collaborating with Biomed Consulting, a biotech startup, has been exciting and rewarding on many levels. It has provided the opportunity, not only to help accelerate a new product towards market, but […]

Featured Member – National Armaments Consortium | JAKTOOL

We are deeply humbled to be featured by the National Armaments Consortium’s latest meet a member interview. At JAKTOOL, our core values encourage an air of innovation and collaboration. Being recognized for leading the defense prototype space as we continually strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible is a true honor. We believe that […]

Unmatched Expertise in Ballistic Testing

With a collective of 100’s of years of experience, at JAKTOOL, we take pride in our unmatched expertise in ballistic testing. Working across multiple commercial, private, and government sites, with the mobility to support testing where required, we excel in providing cutting-edge solutions. By ensuring precision and reliability in every project we undertake, we are […]

AIM Process Presentation to Rutgers Engineering

Continuing our close, long-standing, relationship with Rutgers University, JAKTOOL Chairman and Founder, Jeff Kinsberg, and Company President, Cristy Richards, spoke with a sophomore class of engineering students on Tuesday, March 7th. The presentation focused on the need to build processes to scale, delivering repeatable results, and JAKTOOL’s proprietary Accelerated Innovation Methodology (AIM™) process for developing engineering solutions. It […]

Future STEM Leaders

We had a fantastic day hosting the students from Monroe Township High School at #JAKTOOL! It was a pleasure to share our expertise in prototyping, engineering, and tackling unique and captivating #engineering challenges. Witnessing the students’ enthusiasm for our novel mechanical and electrical technologies was truly inspiring. We’re honored to contribute to their educational journey and foster a passion for […]

NJ Space Grant Consortium

Designated as a preferred industry partner for internships by NASA as the result of a selection process of the NJ Space Grant Consortium and our long-standing relationship with the Rutgers STEM program and other STEM programs statewide, JAKTOOL welcomes our new class of interns. We’re looking forward to their contributions to the work of JAKTOOL […]

JAKTOOL CEO Cristy Richards Talks Growth and Vision with EOS

A recent email newsletter to business leaders from EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) featured JAKTOOL for successfully implementing the EOS system. EOS is a set of concepts and practical tools that helps organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. By looking at the business through the lens of Six Key Components – vision, data, process, traction, […]

Building Products, Building Relationships: Why Core Values Matter

When we sit down with a potential client to discuss the possibility of working together, we do not just talk about the project scope, capabilities, timelines, and budget. We talk about who we are as an organization. Just as importantly, we try to find out who the potential client is as an organization as well. […]

JAKTOOL LLC Announces Appointment of Cristy Richards as Executive Chair of Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board

NEW JERSEY, 4/25/2021 — Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board has nominated and appointment a new Executive Chair, Cristy Richards, President & CEO of JAKTOOL. The Executive Committee, comprised of industry and academic leaders, is an ABET ( requirement for accredited colleges and universities in STEM. The board’s role is to provide industry perspective, […]


Are your engineering teams saturated? Are you looking to leverage skill sets that aren’t in house? Need a partner with the agility to get to market faster? JAKTOOL is always available to talk about your business needs and discuss how you can best utilize our services to achieve your success. Let’s chat!