Every day you’re not to market, is missed revenue.

Having in-house engineering and manufacturing departments under one roof, allows for quick communication and easy collaboration because we know every day you’re not to market, is missed revenue.


JAKTOOL’s operations run with client expectations at its core. Careful project management, strong engineering knowledge and validation of client requirements are key to JAKTOOL’s ability to accelerate speed to market and prototype precise designs.

Team with JAKTOOL

Struggling to get your idea off the ground? Striving to develop your idea into a proof of principle prototype? JAKTOOL will mature your concept into a commercial quality, proof of principle prototype and help you get to market on time and within budget!

Continuing to sustain the JAKTOOL mission

JAKTOOL continues to sustain our mission with the application of new technologies. We are excited to introduce our newest addition, Universal Tension & Compression Test Machine. This mechanism will be used to evaluate new materials for strength and systems for compliance.

JAKTOOL teamed with a consumer healthcare OEM to design and build a wearable device for consumers

JAKTOOL teamed with a consumer healthcare OEM to design and build a wearable device for consumers, incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), rechargeable lithium ion batteries and LEDs for skin care. From early requirements development to validation and verification and with all steps in between, our team will seamlessly collaborate to develop elegant solutions, from simple to highly complex.

Revolutionizing Speed-to-Market Through Collaborative Engineering

JAKTOOL is revolutionizing speed-to-market through collaborative engineering, integrating internal manufacturing resources with external supply-chain efforts. Here is an example of a high-fidelity prototype with 3D printed fixturing from a partnered supplier that was postmachined, verified and finished in-house for testing by our client. This partnership allowed us to compress a 32-week development cycle into 10 weeks!

NAC General Membership Meeting

JAKTOOL is excited to attend this years’ NAC General Membership Meeting where collaboration between Government, Industry and academia is encouraged to generate innovate solutions for complex National Armament challenges.


JAKTOOL continues to leverage new technologies with the addition of a new 3-D printer.

JAKTOOL: Next Generation Prototyping

JAKTOOL is revolutionizing next generation prototypes, launching combat ready technology at war-fighting speed.

Interested in finding out more? Click on the video below for a quick peek at our newest project!


Ryan Hollywood, JAKTOOL’s Manufacturing Engineering Manager, spoke at Ocean County College’s Career Day regarding a multitude of topics including his own journey to a leadership position, JAKTOOL as a business, as well as specific career advice in STEM.