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Minimally Invasive Retractor

Innovative Product Design & Prototyping

A pioneering thoracic surgeon was developing a minimally invasive open-heart surgery procedure which would drastically reduce postoperative pain and recuperation time by reducing the incision from a full sternal opening to 3 to 4 inches.

Product Design Development & In-House Prototyping

  • To develop this new surgical tool, JAKTOOL partnered with the surgeon on several device concepts to aid in defining the surgical technique.
  • JAKTOOL designed and engineered a novel surgical device that took materials, structural requirements, sterility, and operative procedures into consideration
  • JAKTOOL designed and developed a new prototype and ultimate delivery of a new medical device that’s currently being used in clinical settings with resounding success

JAKTOOL empowered a leading surgeon with the tools and techniques needed to improve patients’ lives by reducing operative complications and recovery times.