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Future STEM Leaders

We had a fantastic day hosting the students from Monroe Township High School at #JAKTOOL! It was a pleasure to share our expertise in prototyping, engineering, and tackling unique and captivating #engineering challenges. Witnessing the students’ enthusiasm for our novel mechanical and electrical technologies was truly inspiring. We’re honored to contribute to their educational journey and foster a passion for […]

NJ Space Grant Consortium

Designated as a preferred industry partner for internships by NASA as the result of a selection process of the NJ Space Grant Consortium and our long-standing relationship with the Rutgers STEM program and other STEM programs statewide, JAKTOOL welcomes our new class of interns. We’re looking forward to their contributions to the work of JAKTOOL […]

JAKTOOL CEO Cristy Richards Talks Growth and Vision with EOS

A recent email newsletter to business leaders from EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) featured JAKTOOL for successfully implementing the EOS system. EOS is a set of concepts and practical tools that helps organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. By looking at the business through the lens of Six Key Components – vision, data, process, traction, […]

JAKTOOL LLC Announces Appointment of Cristy Richards as Executive Chair of Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board

NEW JERSEY, 4/25/2021 — Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board has nominated and appointment a new Executive Chair, Cristy Richards, President & CEO of JAKTOOL. The Executive Committee, comprised of industry and academic leaders, is an ABET ( requirement for accredited colleges and universities in STEM. The board’s role is to provide industry perspective, […]


Are your engineering teams saturated? Are you looking to leverage skill sets that aren’t in house? Need a partner with the agility to get to market faster? JAKTOOL is always available to talk about your business needs and discuss how you can best utilize our services to achieve your success. Let’s chat!

Got Automation?

To complement our electrical engineering departments ability to develop new PCB designs, we leverage off the shelf automation technology for integration into new systems. Here our team is wrapping up control and enhanced safety features to an off the shelf hydraulic press.

Shoutout to Simon Gehrig

JAKTOOL would like to give a shoutout to Simon Gehrig, one of our manufacturing engineers, for his help in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Simon and a group of his peers are working on designing and 3D printing machine parts to help automate the production of surgical masks. This device can be used at home […]

Supporting The Demand For PPE Units

Shifting our efforts from warfighters on the battlefield to heroes on the front lines of this pandemic, JAKTOOL was given the opportunity to support the demand for PPE units. When a medical professional with a homegrown effort came to us with a need, we were ready to help. DigiVac sourced the textile face mask material […]

Rapid Design to Market

Rapid design to market is vital in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A customer with a stringent timeline engaged the JAKTOOL team to develop Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA’s) for a novel Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Device. Initial prototype boards for the PCBA’s, which control the fan and alarm system within the device, […]

The Formula SAE Competition is Still Up and Running!

Schools may be closed, but the formula SAE competition is still up and running! Collegiate Design Series has shifted the 2020 Formula SAE events onto a virtual platform. Every year, JAKTOOL puts a great amount of time and resources into the Rutgers Formula Racing as a proud sponsor. This year will be no different!