JAKTOOL LLC Announces Appointment of Cristy Richards as Executive Chair of Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board

NEW JERSEY, 4/25/2021 — Rutgers Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board has nominated and appointment a new Executive Chair, Cristy Richards, President & CEO of JAKTOOL. The Executive Committee, comprised of industry and academic leaders, is an ABET (https://www.abet.org) requirement for accredited colleges and universities in STEM. The board’s role is to provide industry perspective, mentorship, and career opportunities to current students with the goal of developing mature, applied, relevant graduates, to ensure top-notch Rutgers graduates.

“Cristy is an excellent leader with strong communications skills. Her leadership strengths include creating collaborative teams, empowering team members, and setting realistic, yet stretch goals.

Before taking on the role as Chair of the Advisory Board she was a member of the Executive Committee and was responsible for the Mentoring Program. She contributed to the overall excellence of this Board, and simultaneously added many new members in mentoring positions – even through a year+ of Covid restrictions on meetings and events. As a result, the board is well-positioned for growth as the impact of Covid begins to wane.

I expect the future will see continued growth in student programs, in engaged alumni, and in the overall impact the board has on academics and success of the students of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Cristy was our top candidate for the position of Chair.

Cristy is very well connected to the department leadership and faculty. Those connections, and her personal and engaging style will be assets as she takes the helm.” Says Ken Johnson, former Board Chair.

Statement from Cristy:

Forward Looking Statement:

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