Posted: January 14, 2018

Comprehensive, system level solutions require a global approach to quality.  JAKTOOL maintains our ISO certified quality system, and has matured the quality policy to encompass design and engineering activities.  From concept to finished product, our certified system will ensure deliverables align with inputs through all project phases.

JAKTOOL in Focus by AutoDesk

Posted: January 7, 2018

JAKTOOL is in the spotlight for their use of moldflow analysis in polymer component design.  One of JAKTOOL’s strengths is manufacturing process development.  We posses the capability to take plastic components from concept to molded part.  This includes design, analysis and prototype machining of the molded part; design and manufacturing of the mold; and verification of the molding process – all in house.  We engage our network of approved suppliers for higher volumes providing a comprehensive approach.

Design, Build, Compete

Posted: May 13, 2017

Design, Build, Compete.  These are the words dedicated engineering students live by for twelve months to build an open wheel race car from scratch.  JAKTOOL’s president and CEO, Jeff Kinsberg, participated and led the Rutgers effort in the late 90’s.  “Applying the academic curriculum to the real word sets in motion a steep learning curve”, states Jeff.  In addition to applying all disciplines of  engineering, students learn about manufacturing, procurement, resource and time management, marketing, sales, logistics, and any other aspect they need to run a race team.  The students travel to Michigan in May to compete with over 120 domestic and international teams.

Understanding the value of mentoring students in engineering and manufacturing, JAKTOOL has supported the formula racing program at Rutgers University since 2001.  Select students are allowed to work with  JAKTOOL engineers in the office and shop after going through safety and policy training.  For the 2017 car, #50, students worked in our prototype facility manufacturing the four uprights that hold the wheels to the chassis.  These four precision machined components took nearly 80 hours to program, manufacture, inspect, and just as much time to design and analyze.

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Rutgers University #50
Rutgers University #50
Rutgers University #50
Rutgers University #50

T1 Trust provided CAD & Engineering for Historic Locomotive CAB

Posted: May 6, 2017

JAKTOOL joined the T1 Trust to support the design, engineering, and construction of a historic locomotive, a Pennsylvania Railroad design known as a T1.  The locomotive was technologically sophisticated with cutting edge materials and poppet valving for reduced reciprocating mass.  These and other design innovations resulted in a powerful, fast, and graceful design that was distinctively streamlined by Raymond Loewy.

T1 Locomotive CAB

Work on the 5550 locomotive is underway, and the T1 Trust is rapidly gaining attention as the premier new-build steam project in the United States. More than that, the T1 Trust has come to symbolize the rebirth of American Industry.

T1 Locomotive CAB

JAKTOOL has provided the T1 Trust with the CAD engineering work necessary for cab construction.  The cab is currently under construction at Curry Rail.

Lightweight aluminum alloys and joining techniques advanced the art of steam engine cab design in the 1940's

JAKTOOL Featured in Manufacturing Engineering News Article!

Posted: May 2, 2017

JAKTOOL Sponsors Rutgers Senior Design Group

JAKTOOL Sponsors Rutgers Senior Design Group

JAKTOOL was selected by MasterCAM to be featured in an article featuring their advanced use of the software. An enthusiastic team smiles for the camera!


“At JAKTOOL LLC (Cranbury, NJ), a team of young inquisitive engineers is investing the time to explore the full potential of its manufacturing software and machines to take on the complex jobs no one else wants. Using Mastercam CAD/CAM programming software from CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, CT), JAKTOOL is able to save setup times and tooling costs, and reduce cycle times, while delivering exceptional customer service to a diverse cross section of industries.”

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Posted: November 20, 2016

With an unwavering commitment to quality JAKTOOL successfully passed our annual ISO audit.

Over the next 12 months we will be implementing the controls to allow us to transition for certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Vertical Lift Consortium

Posted: May 15, 2016

JAKTOOL has joined the ranks of Sikorsky, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, and other partners to work collaboratively with the U.S. Government to develop and transition innovative vertical lift technologies to rapidly and affordably meet warfighter needs.


VLC Logo


Posted: January 6, 2016

ISO Certification Announcement

JAKTOOL is proud to announce that our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. To become ISO 9001:2008 certified JAKTOOL underwent an evaluation process that included: quality management system development, a management system documentation review, pre-audit and final assessment, all of which work to eliminate non-conformances and identify opportunities for improvement to better serve our customers.

JAKTOOL’s decision to become ISO 9001:2008 certified is a proactive one that not only anticipates the demands of our customers, but also demonstrates a commitment to providing quality products and services to all current and future customers. To maintain our certification, JAKTOOL will perform audits to ensure compliance and to assess initiatives for continued improvement.


JAKTOOL Sponsors Rutgers Senior Design Group

Posted: April 9, 2014

JAKTOOL Sponsors Rutgers Senior Design Group

Mike, Jim, & Dan, Rutgers Mechanical Engineering Seniors, create parts on our turning center for their Senior Design project.  The project involves the design and manufacture of a device to clean the wheels on a motorized wheel chair for a local boy, Ray, who lives in South Brunswick, NJ.