The Agile Power of Small Defense Contractors

In the high-stakes world of defense and aerospace, agility and innovation are not just buzzwords but essential elements for national security and technological advancement. In episode #5 of JAKTALK, our host, Jeff Kinsberg, is joined by Justin Russo, Defense Program Manager, and Chris Gandy, Director of Business Development, Defense & Aerospace. They explore the transformative impact that smaller, nimble companies like ours have had on the defense industry.



This article is a recap of JAKTALK episode #5. You can watch the full episode on Vimeo or on YouTube below:


Advantages of Working with a Smaller Manufacturer on Defense Projects

JAKTOOL represents a new era of precision product development manufacturers that are changing the game in healthcare and our nation’s defense. With a combined experience of 50 years, Kinsberg, Russo, and Gandy highlight the unique position of smaller engineering houses and defense contractors in bringing rapid, accountable results, a contrast to the slower, bureaucratic processes often found in larger corporations. This agility allows us to respond to government needs with efficiency, making us indispensable in the Department of Defense’s development ecosystem.


Bridging Innovation and Execution

In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, the ability to quickly turn ideas into tangible outcomes is invaluable. JAKTOOL exemplifies this with its focus on ‘getting it done,’ a philosophy that underscores the importance of moving forward and delivering solutions. This mindset is pivotal for sectors where time is of the essence, such as defense and healthcare.


Overcoming Obstacles with Agility, The Role of Small Contracts in Defense

Chris Gandy, with his two decades of experience with the U.S. Army, sheds light on the significant advantages small players like JAKTOOL offer in the defense sector. Our capacity for swift action and accountability sets us apart, providing the D.o.D. with the flexibility and responsiveness it requires. This stands in stark contrast to the often cumbersome and slow-moving processes of larger defense contractors.


Innovation and Responsiveness

The conversation with Russo and Gandy delves into the inherent agility of smaller contractors, which allows for more rapid development and deployment of necessary technologies and solutions. This agility is not just about speed but also about the capacity to adapt quickly to changing needs and challenges, a critical attribute in the fast-evolving defense landscape.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Defense

Kinsberg’s entrepreneurial drive and the team’s extensive experience in bringing a fresh perspective to the defense industry allow us to offer additional benefits that the big four defense contractors aren’t able to offer. Often, the defense community can become an echo chamber of ideas, limited by red tape and causing timeline extensions. Our size and team’s commitment to innovation allow us to offer our defense partners a unique perspective, creating valuable solutions to their problems. This entrepreneurial spirit is essential for innovation and progress in defense and beyond.


Challenges and Solutions in Defense Development: Meeting Government Needs with Flexibility

The trio discusses the challenges of working within the D.o.D. development ecosystem, particularly the need for flexibility and understanding in meeting government requirements. We navigate these challenges by fostering open communication and mutual respect with our D.o.D. partners, ensuring we can swiftly adapt to changes and provide optimal solutions.

Our approach to overcoming obstacles is rooted in strategic agility and an in-depth understanding of the commercial and government sectors. This dual perspective allows us to anticipate needs and respond effectively, ensuring that our partners remain a step ahead in a constantly shifting defense landscape.




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