Building Products, Building Relationships: Why Core Values Matter

Jaktool "Core Values" title graphic

When we sit down with a potential client to discuss the possibility of working together, we do not just talk about the project scope, capabilities, timelines, and budget. We talk about who we are as an organization. Just as importantly, we try to find out who the potential client is as an organization as well.

Here at JAKTOOL, we don’t take on every client who needs our services. We want to make sure there is a good match. More specifically, we want to make sure the people we work with share our core values. The same goes for employees and strategic partners. There needs to be alignment on core values.

As an organization, we live by and stand by our core values. They have helped us build a strong team and culture internally and strong relationships externally. From a business perspective, these core values guide the activities that allow us to grow and become more profitable.

Here is a brief overview of our six core values.

1) Great Communication.

Open communication creates an environment of integrity and transparency, enabling the kind of collaboration that produces better solutions and results.

2) Humble Confidence.

While we are confident in our capabilities and expertise, we recognize, respect, and listen to other points of view to come up with the best possible solution.

3) Learn, Grow, and Apply.

We learn what works and what doesn’t, develop goals based on those learnings, and share our knowledge so we can grow together with our clients.

4) Passion for Doing.

We love and believe in the work we do because we create solutions for clients that make a real difference in people’s lives and society as a whole.

5) Be the Example.

Everyone is here to be an example, setting the gold standard for how to behave and operate – not just one time, but consistently, day after day.

6) Trust 360.

We establish clear expectations up front, so clients always know where we are in the process, what actions are being taken, and for what purpose.

We encourage you to learn more about our core values, our quality management system, and our guiding principles. We look forward to learning about who you are as an organization and discussing how we can grow together.