Biomed Consulting, Inc. & JAKTOOL | Successful Partnership

A person’s hands are shown holding a tablet with an application open and a patient’s legs strapped into a complex mechanical device

We’re thrilled to be a key player in the success story of Biomed Consulting as they soar to new heights through the SBIR process!

“Collaborating with Biomed Consulting, a biotech startup, has been exciting and rewarding on many levels. It has provided the opportunity, not only to help accelerate a new product towards market, but to work alongside long-standing colleagues in a field that is personally meaningful. Thank you to Raj and Howard for this opportunity to build something great together,” JAKTOOL’s CEO and President, Cristy Richards.

Cristy serves as Chief Engineer for Biomed Consulting, Inc., and along with our dedicated team, helped create the First Ray Mobility and Positioning Version 2 (MAP1st v2) Device. This device performs measurements of first ray mobility in different weightbearing conditions, foot alignments, and normalization. Studies have shown that the MAP 1st v2 device is more effective than handheld measurements, making the lives of doctors and patients a little easier.

It’s not just about what we do; it’s about the incredible journey we embark on with our clients. The collaboration between JAKTOOL and Biomed Consulting, Inc. highlights the need for innovation in the electromechanical medical device field. Join us in celebrating another milestone in the world of healthcare!

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